My Expertise

How I Started My Passion For Building & Renovations

Aaardwolf Beers Building Expertise

I have been doing home improvements both professionally and for myself and friends for over 25 years. My passion for building started when I was around 10 and my Dad gave me a Meccano set. I was addicted and built my first Firetruck! Soon after I was lucky enough to score a Lego set and it was all over. Once I was about 14 I started helping my Dad do odd jobs around the house, fixing gutters, installing new hoses and even building our first carport. When I hit 12 I got my first building apprenticeship and was a fully qualified builder by 26. I worked with my Uncles home renovations business until I was 34, learning everything there was to know about home extensions and restorations.From re roofing homes to building new decks I soaked up every piece of knowledge he passed onto me.

My Building Experience and Expertise

  • Building Patios and Outdoor Decking
  • Carports and Garages
  • Patios
  • New Metal Roofing – Roof Restorations
  • Fencing
  • Home Remedies for Pest Control
  • Exterior and Interior Painting


Today I run my own renovations company and have a team of 12, including 5 apprentices. In my spare time I like to write and help others with my experience. My local paper often features my how to articles so I decided (with help from my wife) to create my own website to publish tips and articles to teach budding DIY enthusiasts how to get the job done right and on a budget.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or would like to see a feature post on a certain topic.