Why Metal Roofing is The Best Choice For Homes

Benefits of metal roofing over other alternative solutions

Metal Roofing Benefits For Home Owners


As most seasoned homeowners would appreciate choosing the right kind of roofing solution for your home is most often than not an extremely daunting task. This can largely be attributed to the myriad of factors you need to take into consideration. Some of the most pertinent include durability, cost, aesthetic appeal, maintenance and repair costs and even your distinct preferences. Nevertheless, with some patience and fortitude you can still get the right solution for your needs. One of arguably the most ideal roofing solutions happens to be metal roofing. Which naturally comes with a plethora of advantages over most other alternatives such as tiles or even asphalt shingles. The following are some of the top reasons why metal roofing is the best for homes.

Lightweight Properties of Metal

To begin with metal roofing is widely acclaimed for its unmatched lightweight attributes. It is a firmly established fact that this kind of roofing solution is approximately ¼ lighter than tile roofing and of terracotta tiles. This naturally means that metal roofing can be very easily installed on virtually any kind of roofing structure. While also been able to be effortlessly installed on pre-existing roofs. This can naturally enable you to save a substantial amount of money that you would have ordinarily spent on installing roofs like tiles, which require major structural alterations to be properly installed. Additionally, due to this attribute, metal roofing has an uncommon ability of fitting into tight and complex angles, permitting you to achieve the exact symmetry you want.

Unmatched versatility

Another major benefit of opting for metal roofing is its versatility in colours, textures and even style. From the plethora of colours of steel roofing, to the natural textures of copper and aluminum, you can effortlessly pick the right solution for your distinct needs. Undoubtedly metal roofing happens to be the most versatile product in the market.

Unmatched energy efficiency

To make things even better, this roofing solution has excellent energy saving attributes when compared to most other alternatives. Metal roofing can easily deflect most of the sun’s direct glare due to its amazing reflection properties. Metal roofing can also be dabbed with appropriate coatings which can go a long way in enhancing these reflection attributes. This in essence means that your home’s interior will always be cool even at the height of summer. Which can also go along way in saving up to 30% -30% of the total cost of air conditioning your home.

Durability, fire-resistant and adverse weather resistant

As would be expected metal roofing is also noted for its unmatched durability, and you can be assured of not been necessitated to replace it for decades on end, which any effect on its functionality and even aesthetic value. Metal roofing is also fire-resistant and can also withstand the effects of adverse weather such as hailstorms or sudden wind changes. This is obviously a stark contrast with most other solutions that can be extensively damaged when exposed to such conditions.

Ease of maintenance

This roofing solution is also extremely easy to maintain and repair, and can enable you to effortlessly keep it in shipshape condition without having to break an arm or leg.

Environmentally friendly

Virtually all manufacturers of metal roofing usually integrate recycling into the life cycle of their products, particularly those that are crafted from steel. This ensures that this roofing solution is sustainable, and totally unlike other solutions that usually end up in landfills. Thus, buying metal roofing can enable to keep the environment cleaner and safer.


Who are the leading suppliers of metal roofing (steel) in Australia?

Should you be living in Australia and are on the lookout for the ideal metal roofing for your home’s distinct requirements, the following are some of the top suppliers of such solutions.

Colorbond steel

Colorbond Roofing


This is perhaps the most popular roofing solution in Australia, and comes in a wide variety of 22 contemporary colours from which you can pick the one that fits your requirements. Colorbond is also noted for its durability and aesthetically pleasing properties.

Zincalume steel

Zincalume Steel Roofing


This is another revolutionary roofing solution that is noted for its durability, resilience and even sustainability. It utilizes Activate technology which entails blending magnesium into zinc-aluminium alloy coating that provides galvanic protection. This product comes with an unprecedented 36 years warranty. Eysacht is also another excellent roofing material you can opt for.

Over the past few years I generally only opt for metal roof installations. If you are thinking of getting a new roof for your home I would strongly suggest researching more benefits of a metal solution.

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